Saturday, December 6, 2014

Baby Konrad

Konrad Michael

Born 11.18.14 at 7:30PM
9lbs9ozs and 22 3/4in 

Birth story and more pictures to come!

A Year of Evelyn

I can't believe how much you have brought to our lives: laughter (down on the floor, crying laughter), beauty, excitement, peace, and wonder. Right now you LOVE bathtime, music, nana and papas house, eating, animals, blowing kisses and "walking" around holding on to our two fingers in your hands. You love leaving the apartment and seeing new places. When we are out and about you are more of an observer and listener and you take a while to warm up to new people (as well as people you know well). You love being outside and pointing out especially beautiful leaves, the moon, birds, clouds, and animals. You want to talk to us about everything you see! In the car and the apartment you dance and clap your hands along to most music and you will even sing along in your own way if the song is particularly striking. Daddy is teaching you how to cuddle and you have been giving kisses and hugs more and more. Other than our home, you are most comfortable at Uncle Robert and Aunt Letty's house or the farm where you can chase Freckles around or play with Uncle Matt. You continue to be an amazing sleeper, extremely determined, and the sweetest older sister.

I wish I was a talented writer so that I could capture the essence of your personality at this age. Watching you explore and experience everything around you is such a treat for me. Last night you were crawling around under the table while 20+ people were noisily eating dinner. You crawled from one set of legs to the other without really interacting with anyone, just going at your own pace. When Nana noticed you she said "honey is crawling around other the table" and warned Papa that you were down there. I saw that you had heard her because you did your shy blinking as you continued to crawl. This is where you slowly close your eyelids and move your chin back and forth to shake your head. It's not a self-conscience thing in the way of insecurity or worry but a conscience knowledge of self and existence and that you are being talked about.

You open my eyes to so much with your quiet way of doing things and your focus on mastering your environment. I think I was very different as a child (reckless and always in motion/socializing with people) and it makes me absolutely fall in love with and appreciate how deliberate and peaceful you are.

Your approach to people always hurts my heart because I want so much for everyone to love you with the same immensity that I feel towards you. When you want to interact with someone you don't usually give out smiles or perform high fives. You will observe someone for a time and then if they are patient and still engaged (how hard it is for adults to slow down!) you will point at something of interest and give one of your "hm!" in your high-pitched manner that you use for almost all communication. I always notice when someone has turned away too soon and misses your attempts to engage with them. And I am always so grateful when the person notices and takes an interest in what you are saying. I forget who said how boring our children's lives would be if parents could choose their path. We would only choose good and beautiful things to happen to you! If I had it my way nothing would ever hurt or bother you.

I am thinking of those times when we get you out of your bed and you are immediately giggling and smiling at us in the happiest way. Your hair is standing out all over the place and your huge blue eyes are still full of sleep. When you wrap your arms around my neck and I am enveloped with your baby smell and the warmth from your little body as I lift you out of the crib. Those are some of the sweetest moments of my life.

Every day gets better with you and I can't wait to see what you discover and experience in this next year! We love you all the stars in the sky.

Friday, October 3, 2014


At 35 weeks I am really starting to scare the public with how pregnant I look. But imagine if they knew how pregnant I FEEL!

Lady in Chick-fil-A: Wow you're about to have your hands full.
Me: Yea but you should see how full my HEART IS.

Lady outside the library: Looks like you're carrying a girl!
Me: It's a boy.

BiLo Cashier: She [Evelyn] must have been really little when you got pregnant again.
Me: We had sex immediately.

Apartment Manager: When are you due?
Me: November 8th
Apartment Manager: WOW so two more months?!?! 
Me: I'm sorry?

Sister-in-law: WOW you're so big!
Me: Thank-you?


Thursday, August 7, 2014


I've been meaning to share this since May when it happened! 

*Shakity shakity celebratory wiggling*

We are still in the red every month but are trying very hard to be breaking even by next May! Here's where we were with March Debt.

There are some great things happening for us right now. Konrad is 27 weeks gestated. Evelyn (almost 11 months) is sleeping through the night. Our new apartment has two bedrooms, is less expensive per month, and is beautiful. Not as beautiful as The Stink though:

She obviously rules this household.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baby Steps

Today, instead of sleeping during second nap time, I cleaned the kitchen, worked on my art, and folded the laundry. I am going to try to embrace the house and its work as one of my passions.

Guess who is ten months old and more beautiful every day?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Book to Read:

My Evelyn sitting out enjoying the rain. She is my dream baby.